A man involved in an ATM bombing was apprehended by the Tshwane Metropolitan Police Department


A man involved in the ATM bombing was arrested by the Tshwane Metropolitan Police Department (TMPD) after a swift response from their tactical unit. The incident came to light on Wednesday when officers spotted a suspicious Mercedes-Benz on Jalan R55 near Jalan Maude. Subsequent meetings resulted in the arrest of one suspect, while two others are still at large.

According to Senior Inspector Isaac Mahamba, a spokesman for the TMPD, officers stopped the Mercedes-Benz and asked to see its driver’s license. The driver admitted leaving it in another vehicle and attempting to bribe officers. However, the officer refused the bribe and continued to inspect the vehicle.

During an inspection, one of the officers saw two people in the car who appeared to be carrying firearms. Acting quickly, the officer drew his weapon, prompted the suspect to exit the vehicle and opened fire. As a result of the shootout, officers managed to injure the two suspects, while a passing minibus taxi passenger also suffered injuries.

While one suspect fled into nearby bushes, the seriously injured suspect was caught and taken to hospital under police guard. Further investigations revealed that the arrested suspect and his accomplices were wanted for more than 15 criminal cases, including murder, ATM bombing, assault, and home burglary.

The arrest turned horrific when a video found on the suspect’s phone showed the criminals carrying out a recent house robbery, which resulted in the tragic strangulation of a child. Additional videos depict the suspects showing off the proceeds of their criminal activities, including money made in ATM robberies and bombings.

Police are appealing to the public to help search for the other two suspects. Any information relating to their whereabouts or criminal activity should be reported to the nearest police station or the TMPD hotline on 012 358 7095/7096. The TMPD commends members of its tactical unit for their quick response in fighting crime and encouraging community cooperation in ensuring the speedy capture of fugitives.

As the investigation continues, the incident is a reminder of the tireless efforts made by law enforcement to protect the public and bring criminals to justice. Collaboration between the community and the police is very important in maintaining security and maintaining the welfare of all citizens. Through these joint efforts, the authorities can dismantle criminal networks and create a safer environment for everyone.

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