Contoh Latihan Bahasa Inggris tentang Present Perfect Continuous

Contoh Latihan Bahasa Inggris tentang Present Perfect Continuous – Tenses dalam bahasa Inggris dapat terbagi menjadi beberapa jenis menurut waktunya: Present (masa kini), Past (masa lalu), Perfect (telah terjadi dan masih berlangsung), dan Future (masa depan). Present Perfect Continuous merupakan jenis tense yang digunakan untuk menyatakan kejadian / kegiatan yang telah terjadi / dilakukan dan masih berlangsung hingga masa kini. Agar lebih memahami tentang penggunaan Present Perfect Continuous, berikut adalah contoh latihan bahasa Inggris tentang present Perfect Continuous.

Latihan Bahasa Inggris tentang Present Perfect Continuous

A. Exercise 1: Understanding meaning (Latihan 1: Memahami makna)

Tick (v) the best statement for each response.

No Statements Responses

I have thought about changing my job. P

I have been thinking about changing my job. ___

Oh really? What did you decide?
1 a) I have been writing a letter. ___

b) I have written a letter. ___

Oh. Have you post it yet?
2 a) I think he has worked in a restaurant. ___

b) I think he has been working in a restaurant. ___

Yes, I think he was a waiter.
3 a) I have been thinking. ___

b) I have thought of something. ___

Have you? What about?
4 a) They have been paying me too much. ___

b) They have paid me too much. ___

Lucky you! For how long?
5 a) She has taken painkillers. ___

b) She has been taking painkillers. ___

I know. I think she should stop.
6 a) I have had a problem with the computer. ___

b) I have been having problems with the computer. ___

What’s the matter with it?
7 a) He has been climbing Mont Blanc, you know. ___

b) He has climbed Mont Blanc, you know. ___

Really? When did he do that?
8 a) I have been mending the roof. ___

b) I have mended the roof. ___

I know. Have you nearly finished?

B. Exercise 2: Matching (Latihan 2: Mencocokkan)

Read the sentences on the left. Complete each of them with a suitable ending on the right, a) – l). If two endings are possible, write both letters. You can use endings more than once.

I have cut g), c)

1. I have been cutting _______
2. We have talked _______
3. We have been talking _______
4. The foreign minister has been visiting _______
5. The foreign minister has visited _______
6. He has been having _______
7. He has had _______
8. The kids have played _______
9. The kids have been playing _______
10. My mother’s made _______
11. My mother’s been making _______
a) another accident.
b) Brunei twice in the last year.
c) some pictures out of magazines.
d) football in the park since lunchtime.
e) a lot of arguments recently.
f) about you.
g) about getting a dog before, and the answer is ‘No’!
h) my finger, and it hurts!
i) my wedding dress. It’s going to look wonderful when it’s finished.
j) two games of cards already.
k) my wedding dress. It’s wonderful.
l) Malaysia, Brunei and the Philippines.

C. Exercise 3: Choosing the right tense (Latihan 3: Memilih bentuk tense yang tepat)

In this conversation, fill in the gaps using the verb in brackets in the past simple or the present perfect simple or continuous.

A : I am exhausted. I have been shopping (shop) all afternoon and I don’t seem to have
found anything.
B : Oh, just take a little rest. What (1) ____________________ (you / look) for?
A : I (2) ____________________ (try) to find Annie a birthday present.
B : Well, what does she like?
A : She loves clothes, so I have been to about ten clothes shops but I (3)
__________________ (not find) anything suitable yet. I (4) __________________
(go) to about five others yesterday too!
B : As I know, recently, she (5) ____________________ (read) a lot recently, hasn’t
she? (6) __________________ (you / think) of a book? I (7) ___________________
(just / look) at some realy good new novels at that bookshop in the shopping centre.
A : That’s a good idea! Okay, I’ll have a look. What about you? Have you had a good
B : Well, I (8) __________________ (look) for weeks for a bag to match this jacket,
and at last I (9) ___________________ (find) one. Here it is!

D. Exercise 4: True or false (Latihan 4: Benar atau salah)

Are the sentences below true or false? Write T for true and F for false.

1. Oh dear. I have been breaking the window. ____
2. They have scored three goals already and it’s only half time. ____
3. We have been having holidays in Spain for years. ____
4. How many exercises have you been doing? ____
5. I haven’t understood these questions. ____

Demikianlah contoh latihan bahasa Inggris tentang present Perfect Continuous. Semoga contoh latihan tersebut dapat bermanfaat untuk menambah pemahaman teman – teman tentang jenis tense ini. Terima kasih.

(Source: 2003. Nettle & Hopkins. Developing Grammar in Context)