Daftar Kata Kerja yang Diikuti Oleh Gerunds

admit detest
advise discontinue
appreciate discuss
avoid dislike
can’t help dispute
complete dread
consider enjoy
delay escape
deny evade
detest explain
dislike fancy
enjoy feel like
escape feign
excuse finish
finish forgive
forbid give up (stop)
get through hate*
have imagine
imagine justify
mind keep (continue)
miss like*
permit love*
postpone mention
practice mind (object to)
quit miss
recall necessitate
report omit
resent permit
resist picture
resume postpone
risk prefer
spend (time) prevent
suggest prohibit
tolerate propose
waste (time) practice
abhor prefer*
practice prevent
endure prohibit
tolerate propose
acknowledge quit
admit recall
allow recollect
appreciate recommend
attempt regret*
avoid report
be worth resent
began resist
*can’t bear resume
can’t help risk
can’t stand* shirk
celebrate shun
confess start*
consider suggest
*continue support
defend try*
delay understand
deny urge

Daftar Kata Kerja yang Diikuti Oleh Infinitives

can’t afford afford
elect come
long hesitate
request prefer
wish swear
can’t bear agree
endeavor consent
love hope
resolve prepare
would like tend
can’t stand appear
expect continue
manage hurry
say pretend
yearn threaten
can’t wait arrange
fail dare
mean incline
seek profess
care turnout
get ask
need decide
seem intend
chance promise
growup venture
offer attempt
shudder deserve
choose learn
guarantee prove
pay volunteer
start begin
claim determine
hate like
plan refuse
strive want