Dineo Ranaka’s situation is a new epidemic; young people are working themselves to death

On Twitter, a woman named Her Majesty posted and said that Dineo Ranaka’s situation was a new outbreak; young people are worked to death for different reasons, rightly or wrongly, so he even said, “He worked too hard to be healthy.” We need to build a healthy young generation to build a healthy nation. Her post caused quite a stir on social media when it went viral, and many people reacted in different ways to what she posted and said. Nkosana said that actually today’s youth are obsessed with being better than others. He said that everyone wants to be No. 1, all at the expense of their health and how they manage relationships. He also said that this is a symptom of that pandemic, as they call it. One of them said that nothing new there; modern women want all the money but don’t want to work for it. This person said that most women want to become stay-at-home moms because work and family responsibilities point the way, but where will the money come from?

Source: For His Excellence on Twitter: “The situation of Dineo Ranaka is a new epidemic, young people are worked to death for different reasons, right or wrong so He even said “he works too hard to be healthy” We need to build healthy young people to build the nation healthy / Twitter

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