Imlie Written Update 23rd May 2023: Today’s Episode

In the latest episode of Imlie on 23 May 2023, Atharva is seen shouting Imlie’s name as a huge board approaches him amidst a raging storm. Atharva rushes to save her, protects her from harm and rolls on the ground with her. As they look into each other’s eyes their shared feelings and memories come flooding back but Atharva’s heart is heavy with the knowledge that Imlie no longer feels anything for him. He led her back to the hut, tears streaming down her face. Meanwhile, Dhairya is increasingly worried about Imlie’s whereabouts and why she hasn’t arrived at the airport yet.

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Imlie Written Update 23 May 2023

Rudra tries to cheer her up saying they are all worried for her but Devika, who is sitting nearby, looks tensed thinking about Imlie. Devika warns Rudra that Atharva’s separation could be his death unless he continues to hate Imlie. Devika wants Imlie to stay in Atharva’s life forever. Meanwhile, Imlie stares at Atharva from the window while Atharva sits restlessly in the distance, unsure of what to do next. Imlie demands answers from Atharva about his long absence and why he made her wait for five years. He admits that he punishes himself every day for not doing more to prevent Atharva from leaving their house.

Overcome with emotions, Imlie cries while Atharva maintains a neutral expression and comments about his masterful lying skills developed over the past five years. Imlie assures Kerry that they will not allow the world’s discordant voices to silence their own voice and truth. Meanwhile, Cheeni’s anxiety increases, prompting her to call Atharva, but Kerry answers her call. He questions Kerry about their safety, to which Kerry responds that they are safe and with Princess Mumma. This astonishes Cheeni, and when she drops the phone, she starts lamenting how Atharva and Kerry should have visited her.

Meanwhile, Imlie questions Atharva about Kerry’s mother and best friend, which confuses him. Concerned about Kerry’s sneezing, Atharva takes over him and instructs Imlie to stay away from him. Meanwhile, Cheeni gets emotional and wonders why Atharva is with Imlie and not with her. The worsening weather caused the photo frame to crack and added to Cheeni’s grief. While trying to put together the broken pieces, Cheeni vows to put them back together. And the episode ends here.