Pandya Store 24th May 2023 Written Update

In the latest episode of Pandya Store on 24 May 2023, Dhara and Krish disguised themselves as doctors to sneak into the laboratory and eavesdrop on the conversation between the lab assistants. Meanwhile, Arushi is torn between her loyalty to her mother’s word not to hurt Dhara. Shiva comforted Arushi as she pretended to cry and told her it was the talk of the town. Shiva tries to cheer up Arushi by asking the names of the people who gossiped about them. In the lab, Dhara reveals to Krish that the lab assistant manipulated the blood sample reports. Dhara insists that they urgently need Shweta’s blood sample to find out the truth.

Pandya Store written updates

Pandya Store May 24, 2023

As Dhara distracts the doctor, Krish manages to find a sample of Shweta’s blood in the box. When the doctor approaches him and stops his attempts to take the sample, Shiva offers to invite his family to Arushi’s wedding. However, Arushi questions whether Shiva has any real influence or respect in his family, considering she had witnessed him being physically assaulted by his own mother. Furthermore, he taunts her saying that Dhara has insulted her and her mother, trying to provoke her to feel angry. By feigning sadness and shedding fake tears, she manipulated Shiva into sympathizing with her and admitting that her own family also doubted their potential alliance.

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Meanwhile, in the lab, Dhara calls the doctor to take her focus away from Krish while Krish collects Shweta’s blood sample and comes out. Moreover, Shiva assures Arushi that he will bring his family to his place to finalize the marriage arrangements. At the Pandya residence, Dhara and Krish converse about Shweta’s blood sample before heading to the living room due to the commotion caused by Shiva’s screams. Shiva pours kerosene on himself, causing his family to become agitated and beg him to stop his foolish actions and regain his senses. Shiva intends to push his family into action!

Next, Shiva lit a matchstick and warned his family to back off, or he would burn himself. Suman begs Shiva to reconsider her love, threatening to do the same. Dhara repeatedly begs Shiva not to re-light the matchstick and joins them in conversation. Shiva remained fixated on his marriage, speaking in a formal tone and declaring that he had faced many hardships and was trying to do something for his future spouse. And the episode ends here.