Quebec Police Identify Killer In 1975 Murder Of Sharron Prior

News coming from where America is confused the case is solved after 48 years. A girl found dead in 1975 case is solved after taking a lot of time but finally, Justice comes. Sharron Prior a Montreal teenager was found dead in 1975 and at that time investigators could not find a reason for her death. Now their sadness but relief too they solve this case. For more details and information regarding this case, scroll down the page and continue reading.

Quebec Police Identify Killer In 1975 Sharron Prior Murder

Quebec Police Identify Killer In 1975 Murder

The case that puzzled detectives was finally solved after 48 years. According to her sister at the time at the conference said that Knowing the killer is no longer on this earth and can’t kill anymore makes us kind of shut down. yes, killer Sharron Prior died at the age of 36.

Quebec Police Identify Killer In 1975 Murder

According to reports, Shannon Prior was found dead in 1975 three days later after disappearing from a Pizza Parlor near her home in Montreal’s Pointe ST Charles Neighborhood when she was setting off with friends at the venue. Sharron was last seen there and after three days her body was found in a wooded area at Longuiel on Montreal’s South Coast.

The Sharron Prior case was dismissed for lack of and insufficient evidence to prove that Roamanie was Sharron’s killer. Romine who died at the age of 36 as Sharron’s killer was living in Montreal at that time. He has a long criminal record and has served in prisons in Montreal and West Virginia including at least one rape conviction.

DNA was found on the shirt Romanie was used to detain and he matched the suspect’s description and his car matched tire tracks found where Sharon’s body was found. Investigators also took Romnie’s brothers to get their DNA to match the genetic material recovered from the crime scene.

Investigators obtained DNA from Roamanie’s body when she died and matched it to DNA left at the crime scene and confirmed that Romanie was the killer. Bourgoin said advances in DNA testing technology and growing databases provide a powerful tool for law enforcement to use to solve cold cases. Finally, Sharron Pior A Montreal teenager who was found dead in 1975 was raped and killed by Franklin Roamanie an American from West Virginia. The case was solved after 48 years with the help of DNA tests and techniques.

Prior’s two younger sisters, Doreen and Moreen, got emotional as they described Sharron at a press conference on Tuesday. We hope that we can solve many cases or at least find new clues with the tools we have,” he said. Those cases can have happy endings, like Sharron Priors. His family expressed their love and sent him their condolences. You may never return to our home on Congregation Street that weekend. But you never left our hearts and you never will. We love you, Sharron. May you now truly rest in peace. Stay tuned for Social Telecasts