RET Bigwig Bad Mouth Ramaphosa On Stage And Gave Zuma This Praise About Keeping Lights On–See Why

Date: 22/05/2023


It became the new norm that political leaders who were part of the African National Congress organization started using insults as a way to appease the masses. This is because a lot has gone into the country and that includes unloading and turning on the lights.

The reason is that what should have been done to stop the shedding has been avoided. This is because money and investment has been made by the government to stop the issue of power outages.

It has now been reported that the shutdown and discharging was man-made and this was because there were people above eating from Eskom. Former Eskom boss Andre De Ruyter said in an interview that he released the names of the people involved in causing burden shedding to the Minister of BUMN Pravin Gordhan.

It also appears that even if the names were turned over to Pravin Gordhan, nothing real would not be done as ANC members would likely be looking out for each other while the person suffers. Should the country experience more than 8 hours of unloading which should be a warning sign.

Radical Economic Transformation member and former travel and tourism minister Lindiwe Sisulu started badmouthing ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa. Because, on Sunday afternoon when addressing the public, he said that Jacob Zuma’s light had been turned on for a while.

He also said that since Ramaphosa took over as ANC President, blackouts had become the language of the country and no lights made them happy.

What’s your take on this and why do you say so?

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