Soal Latihan Bahasa Inggris tentang Third Conditional, Wishes and Regrets

Soal Latihan Bahasa Inggris tentang Third Conditional, Wishes and Regrets – Third conditional, wishes dan regrets adalah jenis ungkapan yang terkadang membuat sebagian orang bingung karena terdapat kemiripan dalam bentuk dan maknanya. Third conditional adalah jenis kalimat pengandaian yang menggunakan past tense dan past perfect tense. Sedangkan wishes dan regrets ini terkadang tertulis dalam past tense. Agar lebih jelasnya, berikut adalah soal latihan bahasa Inggris tentang third conditional, wishes dan regrets.


I. Read the regrets below and fill in the gaps using the information in italics.



If I’d passed my exam, I’d be a lawyer now.

I didn’t pass my exam.


  1. If I’d left home ten minutes earlier, I _____________________________________

I didn’t catch the bus.


  1. Maybe if _______________________________________ , and not literature, I would have a more useful job now.

I didn’t study science.


  1. I wouldn’t have wasted so much time if _____________________________________ the exams were going to be so hard. I wish I’d realised that earlier.

I didn’t know the exams were going to be so hard.


  1. Maybe if _____________________________________ as a child, I wouldn’t be so scared of dogs now.

I didn’t have a pet dog.


  1. I do sometimes wish _____________________________________ . I would’ve been able to travel more.

I got married quite early.


  1. Where are Dave and Susannah? The dinner’s going to be completely ruined.

I wish __________________________________________ .

They’re always late.


  1. I wish _______________________________________ to work. This awful uniform makes me look ridiculous.

I can’t wear my own clothes.


  1. My sister wishes _________________________________________ .

I always borrow my sister’s clothes and she hates it.


II. Learners were asked to talk in groups about their wishes and regrets. Rewrite the underline mistakes they made with wish and the third conditional.


A: Is there anything you regret, Kyoko?

B: Sometimes I think about my career. If I would have listened to my parents, I might have

become a violinist. How about you?

A: (1) I wish I can speak Japanese. Japanese is a unique language for me. I might like to go

and work in Japan one day. (2) I also wish my sister married her boyfriend. The whole

family wants her to.

C: One of my regret is about an ex-boyfriend. (3) I wish now I didn’t spend so much money

on him. If I’d known how he was going to treat me, (4) I would be more careful. Stefan,

you’re very quiet. Any regrets?

D: Only about food. I was very fussy eater as a child. (5) I wish I descovered good food

earlier. In my family, it’s my mother who has the regrets. (6) She wishes she would have

had the opportunities I had.



If I’d listened.


  1. _________________________________
  2. _________________________________
  3. _________________________________
  4. _________________________________
  5. _________________________________
  6. _________________________________


III. Read the stories about lucky escapes below and add an appropriate comment using the third conditional.



A robber broke into Mrs. Jakeson’s house, tied her up and started to look around for valuable items to steal. But luckily for Mrs. Jakeson her nephew arrived unexpectedly. The robber ran off without stealing anything. “If John, my nephew, hadn’t arrived, the robber might have stolen everything valuable, she told a reporter.


  1. When Sarah Donaldson got to the check-in desk, they asked her if she would stay one more day because they had overbooked the flight. They oferred her a room in a luxury hotel, and she agreed as she had no urgent appointments back home. She didn’t realize how lucky she was until she read that everyone on the plane had become ill with food poisoning. “If I ___________________________________________________ .”


  1. Mike Watson and his girlfriend Deborah Willis had a lucy escape from their car yesterday. They were driving through town when they saw a friend of theirs walking alone, so they decided to park and say hello. One minute after stepping out of their car it exploded. “If we __________________________________________________ .”


Kunci Jawaban:



  1. I would have caught the bus
  2. I had studied science
  3. I had known the exams were going to be so hard
  4. I had had a pet dog
  5. I hadn’t got married quite early
  6. They were always late
  7. I could wear my own clothes
  8. I didn’t always borrow her clothes



  1. I wish I could speak Japanese
  2. I also wish my sister had married her boyfriend
  3. I wish now I hadn’t spent so much money on him
  4. I would have been more careful
  5. I wish I had discovered good food
  6. She wishes she would have



  1. If I hadn’t stayed one more day, I would have been ill with food poisoning.
  2. If we hadn’t stepped out of our car, something very bad would have happened to us.


Demikianlah soal latihan bahasa Inggris tentang third conditional, wishes dan regrets. Berlatih banyak soal bahasa Inggris dapat meningkatan kemampuan dan pengetahuan teman – teman tentang materi tersebut. Good luck!