Three Notorious Gang Members Assassinated In Mamelodi [Graphic Video Not For SENSITIVE Viewers]

South Africa is one of those countries where survival is a nearly impossible mission, there are so many guns out there in the hands of people who have no respect for the lives of their fellow human beings, they would pull the trigger without a second thought if they had one. for, especially those who are involved in gangsterism and lead a dangerous life, they are literally walking on their death feet.

They knew they could be shot and killed at any moment, that’s why they always carried guns to protect themselves, but these three believed to be members of a notorious gang from Mamelodi found themselves under attack and they never had the time. To fight back, they were sent to meet their maker on Friday afternoon leaving the citizens shocked after their murder.

A video has emerged on social media in which the bodies of three suspected gang members can be seen lying dead on the ground, this after they were ambushed on Friday, when they were shot and killed by unknown men who rained bullets.

In the video circulating on social media, you can see the three men lying dead on the ground not far apart, one of them was hit in the head and covered in blood all over his head and some of his blood was scattered. running on the ground, the other was under a white Ford Ranger, it looks like he was trying to hide under the vehicle, but the gunmen saw him and managed to shoot him dead.

People gathered in their numbers to see for themselves what happened, they were shocked to see these three people being killed in cold blood like that, some were even shocked to see one of them get hit in the head like that.


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