Woman fires shots at three armed hijackers who tried to hijack her

Source: Fierce Videos.

Over the last few months there have been videos surfacing on the internet showing how mostly hijackers target their victims, and most of the time it seems like hijackers target people who are going home or people who are about to leave their home. What’s worse is the fact that hijackers even follow drivers into the plantations where they live, so they can hijack them without the police getting involved. Many people over the years have bought guns to protect themselves and their property from hijackers, and we can’t blame people for wanting to protect themselves.

Speaking of people protecting themselves, there’s a video that’s gotten quite a bit of attention on social media, and it seems that the video has impressed some people with the woman who managed to make some of the hijackers run after they tried to hijack. he.

The video shows three gunmen approaching a vehicle that appears to be parked at the gate of a house. As the men approached a woman in the vehicle started firing her guns at these men, and the hijackers were seen running away.

Many people in the comments were impressed by the woman’s quick action with the gun. Some even say that the woman is probably well trained, as she manages to handle herself quite well in stressful situations.

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